The Tick Key Removal Tool

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The Tick Removal Key from Jagensport – Simple & Efficient

Tick Removal Key - Jagensport 1000 X 416


You may think why do I need a Tick Removal Key if I use your Tick Gaiters ? Well sometimes when you are in the outdoors you often have to spend time “not on your feet” or you brush against plants above your knee and ticks can get on to your clothes then work their way to your skin in all sorts of places !!

The above Tick Key is by far the quickest, safest and most efficient way of removing Ticks for all parts of the human body as well as from pets, they also make great presents for anyone who ventures outdoors.

Get one Tick Key for only £5.99 or three for £16.00 + £1 Post and Packing

* Please note that specific colors cannot be guaranteed

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